Nina Braga Graduated in Social and Political Sciences and Psychology, Master in Health Sciences and a postgraduate degree in Social Anthropology, Nina Braga is director of Instituto-E since its founding in 2007. Author and organizer of collections and scientific papers, especially in the neonatal area of public health and social environmentalism, Nina also directed environmental documentaries such as: "Against Wind" and "Bocaina: High trails ", both awarded with “Best Brazilian Environmental Documentary” in the 80’s. She began her career in politics, as an advisor to the environment committee of State of Rio ‘s Parliament. Soon after leaving the Parliament, Nina was responsible for the social diagnosis that was the basis for the creation of the Environmental Protection Areas in the municipality of Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro. Then coordinated the Cultural Foundation Brazil - Portugal, based in Rio de Janeiro and, in sequence, has become a special reporter for Folha de Sao Paulo. In the 90's, due to same changes in her personal life, Nina deepened in neonatal psychology studies and was invited to join the humanized care program of newborn underweight - Kangaroo Mother Care- as an a consultant for the Brazilian Ministry of Health . Simultaneously, Nina Braga became a professor at the Psychology Department of the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. Currently, Nina works exclusively for Instituto-E – a nonprofit brazilian organization whose mission is to promote human sustainable development – and is responsible for several projects of the Institute-E, including the e-fabrics, traces, water traces and the e-ayti, among many others. For the last 11 years she has developed projects and partnerships with different players – from institutions to small communities- worldwide due to the association of the Instituto-E with international organisms like Ethical Fashion Initiative; Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea; Unesco and Conservation International.
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Nina Braga