Patrícia Medina Patrícia Medina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering from the Institute of Technology and Programming in Mexico, graduated with “Excellent” mention and specialist in analysis and management process. She completed her studies at the Institute of Management and Development (IMD) in Switzerland, developing leadership skills and also studied the integration of technology in education at Geneva’s University. Patricia’s international career began to develop at the Distance University also in Switzerland for the European Association Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) working on the project to implement technology in education around the world. Overall with the university and the European Union cooperation, Patricia achieved excellent standards for Switzerland in this domain. She worked for a decade developing education projects in countries like Mexico, Canada, EE. UU., Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England, Hollande, Belgium, Malta, Cyprus), North Africa and Middle East with important organizations like Doctors without Borders, Medecin de Monde, International Organization for Migration (IOM), Bureau International d’Education (BIE) and the FOREM office for capacitation to adults in Belgium. She worked as PR and advisor with the Chair of NTP at the United Nations in New York. NTP is international landmarks treat which objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear and high technology weapons. Also work promoting the peaceful use of nuclear energy and to further the goal of nuclear disarmament and complete disarmament. She participates in a dynamic way, fully assuming her beliefs. She was named ambassador of peace in 2017, with the great mission of helping to empower women as peacebuilders and family leaders to transform communities, nations and the world through education, advocacy, partnership, reconciliation, and humanitarian service. Women’s Federation World Peace international (WFWPI) aims to create an environment of peace and she believes and promotes these values. She encourages women and men to go beyond their differences and work together as one human family .
The Light of Women