Women are in my view, natural peacemakers. As givers and nurturers of life, through their focus on human relationships and their engagement with the demanding work of raising children and protecting family life, they develop a deep sense of empathy that cuts through to underlying human realities Daisaku Ikeda

HERA is a special project for special people and investors attentive to the evolution of the planet. Allow us to call it the “City for Women.” The environmental and social aspects of this city make it unique. HERA intends to provide for those who visit it, a stay full of charm and exquisite detail, a place where wellbeing is a constant, and sustainability a reality. The target of a project like HERA is to empower and enlighten women to dignify the world. The core of The City will be the HERA Summits, a series of events of global importance and presence. Throughout the year, the convention rooms of the city will host constant seminars, conferences and workshops of importance to improve the women condition globally. The city Women always endeavour to make their spaces appealing by arranging their environments to their tastes. HERA will be designed as the perfect place conceived for women’s needs and desires. In this multinational and multicultural space, women of all creeds and nationalities will be able to walk freely, exposing and exchanging their cultures, ideas and attitudes. Families are welcome, and there will be enough space to accommodate everyone. It is important to note that a project like this shall bring huge economic development increasing the value of the entire market in the region involved. Jobs will be created in different sectors - from health to hospitality, landscaping, sports, entertainment, retail, restaurants and more. The HERA Summits The HERA Summits shall take place annually and will start even before the construction of the city, to call attention to the entire project and message. Important speakers, both female and male, will be invited to discuss issues about women and sustainability. Unity and diversity are twins, and the target is the rediscovery of democratic awareness. Social Responsibility In the same spirit of freedom and inclusiveness, we want to give HERA City strong commitment to social responsibility. HERA advisors are in touch with communities of craftswomen all over the planet, and will gather suitable material to be used in the design and decoration of the city. In this way, HERA shall help and support women worldwide, while challenging interior designers who will use their handicrafts to create high-end ambiances, displaying diversity and multicultural creativity. Social responsibility shall continue in time and space, and the message of HERA will be spread through the events that will be organized in its name. Conclusion: Surely one of the most formidable investment projects of the early 21st century, HERA, the City of Women, will above all be, a cultural leap, born from love for Humanity, world peace, and dignification of women worldwide. In a world where exclusion is generally practised, this project is a refreshing change to positivity and shows the way to inclusive endeavours and behaviours. Marianela Mirpuri Founder
The City of Women Project operates within the feminine universe, and in it, there will always be present the father, the son, the husband, the boyfriend, the friend, the partner. It is not a project of exclusion of men, but of consciousness of all human beings regarding the highest civilizing element: respect for women. In the same way, it is a free project, which does not admit fetters of religions, ideologies, political party afiliation, or prejudices of any nature. It is about the woman as mother, doctor, artist, scientist, diplomat, politician, businesswoman, but not only these - it is about dealing with the myriad feminine dimensions. The City of Women is born as a concept, an idea, from which a meeting point of conversation, of revelation, of diving into the feminine universe appears through debates, lectures, classes, exhibitions, concerts, and so on. Such a place can happen anywhere on the planet. A precise physical place will emerge from it, a centre of expansion of ideas, a pole around which a new type of urban planning will be developed. Houses, streets, shopping centres, cultural centres, hotels, shops, clinics, cinemas, theaters, museums, restaurants designed by women, bringing into their spaces the feminine sensibility - so often disconcertingly confused with a stereotyped image of a superficial exoticism. Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta
The Light of Women